NET South East Nov 2018




NET South East Nov 2018

20 November 2018


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Please arrive between 6:00pm and 6:25pm. Talks will start at 6:30pm. Once the talks are under way we may not be able to guarantee access.

Two great talks this evening...

Title: Binding Business Requirements to .NET Code

It has always been a challenge to turn software requirements specification (SRS) into executable code. The presentation will introduce two approaches for doing this smoothly with no mysterious gaps:

1) Model driven - Agile modelling with UML / Executable UML
2) Behaviour driven - SpecFlow, the most widely used ATDD/BDD framework for .NET, is the official .NET variant of Cucumber. Full example with focus on Gherkin scenarios, automated testing and generated C# code.

Targeted audience: analysts, developers & testers.

Thierry Fourniol:

Thierry Fourniol is an ASP.NET/C# web developer working for HCA Healthcare UK for which he has been designing and developing quite many web apps used by hundreds of internal users in England and Wales since 2014. He is particularly interested in BDD, executable specifications, database design & optimisation, UXDX, UI design & development, performance optimisation, C# / Blazor.


Title: Identity Server 4 - A Real Life Experience

This presentation will be a journey through the design, build and deployment of Creative Technologies Identity Service using Identity Server 4.

Andrew Cheeseman:

A Chief Technical Officer, Architect, and Senior Developer with over 20 years’ solid career history working for Microsoft, IBM and ETZ Technologies. During my career to date, I have worked with leading global corporations and SMEs on a variety of key projects, including software design and implementation, technical architecture, IT industry events, such as TechEd Europe, and most recently, I led a start-up recruitment platform SaaS company to reach its goal of achieving a turnover of £2m.
Currently, Andrew is Chief Architect at Creative Technologies Ltd based in Brighton and Horsham.