Neural Nets - Prof. Mark Whitehorn




Neural Nets - Prof. Mark Whitehorn

5 August 2019


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Neural Nets are gloriously paradoxical. On the one hand, I can very easily (and will, during the talk) explain to you how they work. On the other hand, suppose I build a neural net to solve a specific problem (say, loan approval) and you ask me “Why has your neural net approved this loan but not this one?” I have to reply “I dunno.”.

It is a form of double-think; we simultaneously do, and do not, understand neural nets.

The good news is that, by the end of the talk, I hope you will be capable of the same trick; understanding both how they work and why it is so hard to explain why a given net makes a specific decision.

There will also be time to talk about how stonkingly useful they are and how powerful they have become.