New York With Slack And Stack Overflow




New York with Slack and Stack Overflow

12 March 2019

New York

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We're getting together again for great talks, snacks, and time with the friendly developers and builders of the Slack Platform Community.

First up, let's talk Block Kit! With Block Kit, there’s an easier, more flexible way for you to build engaging apps in Slack. Unlock the power of building with blocks – bits of app UI, like menus, dividers and datepickers – to deliver information in a clear, actionable way for your users. Next, we'll hear from Stack Overflow. Laura and Ben will discuss the demand for the Stack Overflow for Teams Slack app, and their approach to building the integration. They’ll touch on the challenges—and subsequent solutions—that led them to create a successful app that hugely impacted the growth of the Stack Overflow for Teams product.

Stick around afterwards to talk shop with us 1:1 about your apps and get to know some members of the Slack Developer Relations, Product, and Engineering teams. As always, there will be plenty of food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and time to socialize.