November 2019 Kotlin Meetup




November 2019 Kotlin Meetup

13 November 2019


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- 6.30pm: Meet & greet, food and drinks.

- 7.00pm: Welcome to the Kotlin Meetup

- 7.05pm: Alexey Soshin - Design patterns with Kotlin

- 7.40pm: Chris Neugebauer - How we Kotlinised the Java Persistence API

- 8.35pm: Drinks & social at the Pub


How we Kotlinised the Java Persistence API
Kotlin is great on the server: you get a modern, more usable language, with access to 25 years of tried and tested libraries that solve a lot of common engineering problems. The downside is that most of those libraries were written with Java development in mind, so using them from Kotlin can feel weirder, and less comfortable than an API written with Kotlin in mind.
The Java Persistence API, made famous by Hibernate, is one such library: What object type will this query return? When is it safe to persist objects? How can you tell if you’re in a transaction? These are all questions that the JPA makes really hard to answer, but with a bit of work, can become really easy to figure out in Kotlin.
In this talk, we’ll look at the Java Persistence API, and how we’ve used Kotlin’s features to make it feel like a natural Kotlin tool. You’ll come away from this talk with ideas of how to make your favourite Java libraries work better with Kotlin.