November JOX - Java Oxford Meetup




November JOX - Java Oxford Meetup

6 November 2019


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Guest speakers, free drinks and some light snacks!

Guest Speaker 1: James Burt - Organiser of the Brighton Java MeetUp

Talk: JHipster: Rapid Webapp Development in Java

JHipster is an application generator that helps to get applications up-and-running. James will give an introduction to this tool, with a live-coding demo of an application being built in 20 minutes. He will then talk about what comes after that, and how JHipster has changed his approach to development. Come along and see how JHipster removes the boring bits from Java development, helping you build production-ready prototypes.

This talk is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Guest Speaker 2: Pascal Kesseli - Team Lead and Researcher @ DiffBlue

Talk: "Formal Verification for Java - an Introduction to JBMC"

Introduction + Demo of the open source formal verification toool, JBMC. He will show how JBMC can help Java Developers find bugs (accurately and without noise), safely refactor code and prove correctness of critical systems.