November #MidsTest




November #MidsTest

14 November 2018


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Ioana Finaru (Porcarasu) will feature at November #MidsTest with her talk

Learnings on our way to Continuous Testing & Delivery in financial services

What the talk is about:
Continuous testing, continuous delivery, DevOps, digital transformations - these are all terms very popular in the last couple of years, and they all involve a shift in the way we deliver products, testing included! But when the product is providing automated financial advice or other financial services to their customers, the risk becomes a lot higher. So our first reaction is to be a lot more cautious before delivering it! But why?

Ioana will walk you through her journey into how she(and her team) are trying to get into a faster delivery pipeline and shift testing as left as possible, whilst still having the confidence that the team provides suitable financial advice to their customers.