NYC Quantum Computing Meetup




NYC Quantum Computing Meetup

16 October 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Layla Hormozi will talk about Topological Quantum Computing.

Title: Quantum computing with topological qubits

Abstract: A topological quantum computer is a hypothetical device in which intrinsic fault-tolerance is embedded in the hardware of the quantum computer. It is envisioned that in these devices quantum information will be stored in certain topologically-ordered states of matter and quantum computation will be carried out by braiding the world-lines of quasiparticle excitations that obey non-Abelian statistics, around one another, in specific patterns. I will review some of the properties of these states, and describe a general method for finding braiding patterns that correspond to a universal set of quantum gates on encoded topological qubits, based on quasiparticles that can be realized as excitations of certain fractional quantum Hall states.

Bio: Layla Hormozi is a Scientist at BNL. Prior to joining BNL she was a researcher at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, a researcher at MIT, a Marie Curie fellow at the National University of Ireland and a National Research Council research associate at the NIST/UMD Joint Quantum Institute. She received her BS from Sharif University of Technology and her PhD in Physics from Florida State University. Her primary research interest is in the physics of quantum computers, their limits and their applications. Her research experience includes topological quantum computation, fractional quantum Hall effect, and adiabatic quantum computing.