Observability-Driven Development: What DevOps Is Really About




Observability-Driven Development: What DevOps is Really About

15 July 2019

New York

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The term “DevOps” too often gets mixed up with tooling, mischaracterizing the whole idea as something you can buy or hire your way into. In reality this misses the entire point: it’s not about tooling; it’s about people, learning, and creating a culture of understanding.

At the heart of this mindset is observability. You wouldn’t ship an app without testing it, so why ship one you can’t observe working in production? Building observable systems allows you to truly understand how they work, ask questions that help you build better products, and build a shared understanding that extends well beyond just the engineering team.

In this session we’ll dig into what it means to build observable systems, how your whole company can benefit from it, and how it might be far easier to get started than you might think. Along the way I’ll include real examples from building our own systems, to keep things grounded in practice instead of just theory.