October React Talks & Networking




October React Talks & Networking

2 October 2019


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6:45 pm - Doors open, mingle and drinks.
7:00 pm - Talk: How to stay tech relevant by Alex Lobera
7:30 pm - Talk: Mobx-State-Tree - and what I know about it by Eva Hoffmann
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm: Networking and drinks


Talk: How to stay tech relevant

The web & mobile ecosystem is huge and diverse. New and amazing ideas emerge non stop. What are the things that you should learn next to stay tech relevant? One thing is for sure, you can't master them all. In this talk, I will explain the importance of learning principles and not only

tools. Principles help developers make better decisions now and in the future. This talk explains some of the most relevant principles for React and GraphQL, such as composition, drawing on real-world examples.

Talk: Mobx-State-Tree - and what I know about it

With state-management at the core of every application, there have been many debates about which state-management to use. Our team is using mobx-state-tree in our React application. This talk is based on my experiences and aims to provide examples how to use mobx-state-tree (MST) in your application. MST is powered by Mobx and provides a quite opinionated approach to state management. A demonstration how to build your MST will show, how easily you can set it up in your app.