ODWU Autumn Meetup




ODWU Autumn Meetup

24 October 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

We're excited to announce what's likely to be the last ODWU for 2018! (How did that happen?!)

We'll be ready to welcome you all in the Blue Room on the St Aldates Tavern on the 25th October with two fantastic speakers:

We're super excited to announce that kicking off the night with a treat of talk will be Jon Sharman (who you'll likely have met in the crowd at one of our past ODWU events). Jon will be sharing with us all: "How to become an SEO Superstar - releasing your inner DJ".

As a man of many talents, Jon was a professional DJ for 16 years of his professional career, before trying his hand at SEO and realising he was pretty darn good at that too.

In this talk, Jon will be comparing the role of a digital marketeer to that of a Resident Club DJ. We'll explore how different facets of a nightclubs DJ's role relate to the ways in which SEOs improve the visibility and organic performance of a website / business - Yes, we know it's slightly unconventional but we loved the idea and expect all you lot to enjoy it too!

And, headlining the evening we have Emma Wilberforce who will be tackling one of *the* most requested topics: "How to make the most of Facebook as a small business".

Facebook still has by far the biggest market share of any social platform, but it's also one of the harder platforms for businesses to successfully tap into - especially with major algorithm changes this year. This talk will provide you with information on how to maximise your engagement on Facebook and ways in which you can continue to be seen in your followers' timelines without spending the big bucks.

You will learn ways to grow the number of targeted likes and follows on your Facebook page, what content to post to attract your target audience and how you can use data and analytics to increase engagement on Facebook.