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Open Banking Excellence

18 July 2019


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Calling all Open Banking Pioneers!

Meet like-minded people every month. Together with Mastercard were creating a community to collaborate, learn and share our stories.

There is a renaissance happening right now; one that will make a difference to us all in our everyday lives. Open Banking has the force to revolutionise the way we move, manage and make more of our money.

Open Banking Excellence (OBE) is an established and trusted community of people looking to raise awareness about how making bank data accessible for third parties would benefit customers.

Our mission is to be an authentic voice representing a global movement of like-minded experts who through collaboration provide technical, regulatory and legal insight into Open Banking and its wider implications for a dynamic and innovative financial sector.

It’s a community who collectively have a greater impact within the immediate industry at a practical, real-world level. OBE meets monthly for those in the industry to collaborate, learn and share their stories. We’re creating an industry channel to voice an opinion, a powerful community of pioneers having a transparent conversation, to influence our environment.

Our evenings are a combination of networking, speakers and an open mic section. This currently is a winning formula and has received very positive feedback from attendees. It’s constantly reviewed. Collaboration is far more than a strap line; we actively seek your feedback. This is an evening we all shape together.

The objectives of the group are to:
- Grow awareness of Open Banking and consumer driven benefits
- Establish the Open Banking Excellence meetup as a place where Open Banking workers, fintech’s and advocates gravitate
- Increase expertise develop real world use cases
- Educate, inform, entertain through engagement as a community, with the community
- Proactively contribute to adopting global standards for PSD2

To be clear - this is all about how we showcase the value of Open Banking. How it can change the world and open up new opportunities for consumers, businesses and our social environment. Open Banking was after-all created to enable innovation, transparency and competition in the UK financial services sector.

The format is casual. We always start off with a welcome chat, a spotlight on different topics chosen by the attendees and then move on to member introductions and some great networking – with a few drinks and always food. The ‘beauty and the beast combo’ – healthy wraps and we’re told the pizza is now mandatory!!