Open Source In Fintech




Open Source In Fintech

3 October 2018

New York

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You’re Invited! Join us on October 4th, 2018 for the next meeting of our Open Source in FinTech event series.

This Open Source in FinTech event will focus on Financial Objects - enabling new standards for a better digital ecosystem with faster, simpler connections and workflows.

Please join FINOS and a panel of subject matter experts including

  • Hammad Akbar (Citi)

  • Will Quan (JP Morgan Chase)

  • Brian Mullane (Thomson Reuters)

to discuss and debate the best ways to promote adoption of financial objects standards along with the benefits, challenges and role open source plays.

Financial services firms must continue to focus on adopting standards across the industry moving towards a future state where it is faster and simpler to work together. FIX, ISDA, SWIFT, ISO, and many other organizations play fundamental roles in developing and delivering standards across the marketplace and FINOS, with its open source community, has a place in furthering this.

The FINOS Financial Objects Program was formed to drive adoption of both new and existing financial objects standards, bringing together creators and users of these objects to help organizations across the industry realize the benefits of standardization. Benefits include: reduced integration and transactions costs, simplified processing, improved data discoverability, and mutualization of commodity software.