Open Source NYC May




Open Source NYC May

7 May 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

According to, well everybody, “open source is everywhere”. With +90% of companies now using open source software, career opportunities are booming.

In this Meet-up, the Open Source Initiative’s Board of Directors will provide insights and advice for those seeking careers in and with open source software:
- Open source jobs, what are they... where are they?
- Finding and leveraging open source projects to expand your opportunities.
- What companies and communities are looking for.
- What you should look for, before accepting the job.
- Getting the most out of your company to further your open source career.

OSI Board Directors have broad backgrounds and experience, working in a variety of roles—Chief Open Source Officer, Open Source Program Manager, Community Manager, Developer, Architect, Engineer, Attorney—for both corporations and communities—Clojure Community, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Debian Project, Free Software Foundation, Github, Google, Kubernetes Community, Microsoft, One Laptop Per Child, Open edX, Oracle, Python Software Foundation, Red Hat, Salesforce, Sun Microsystems , The Document Foundation, Wikimedia, Zalando... and many, many, more.