OpenShift, Kubernetes, & MiniShift Workshop




OpenShift, Kubernetes, & MiniShift Workshop

13 November 2019


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When building an open source enterprise solution on the cloud, there is a lot to consider before you get started. Will your solution scale? How resilient will it be? Does your team have the time and skills to handle timely provisioning and upgrades? What about compliance?

Come to IBM Cloud’s meetup where we will answer these questions and dive into: What is the difference between Kubernetes and OpenShift? How do I build highly available and secure applications using OpenShift? Through step by step demos and looking at common use cases and aproaches to this as well as a hand-on workshop we will answer all these questions!


17:30: Welcome! Food, drinks and networking
18:00: What is the difference between Kubernetes and OpenShift?
18:20: How to build highly available, secure applications using IBM RedHat OpenShift & IBM Cloud Databases
18:30: See a demo in action!
18:45: Building resilient applications:
- Use cases
- Best practices
19:05: Break
19:15-21:30: MiniShift Workshop with ongoing Q&A