Optimizing For Learning, Talking About Your Work




Optimizing for learning, talking about your work

29 April 2019

New York

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- 6:30pm - Arrive, refreshments & networking
- 7:00pm - Welcome
- 7:05pm - Logan McDonald
- 7:25pm - Yaphi Berhanu
- 7:35pm - Break
- 7:45pm - Lisa van Gelder
- 8:15pm - Networking
- 9:00pm - Close


##Host: Jason Wong (Leadership Coach, Fractional VP of Engineering, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant.)

##Speaker: Logan McDonald (Site Reliability Engineer, Buzzfeed)

**Talk:** Optimizing for Learning

The talk is about the most powerful tool developers have at their disposal: the human mind! Drawing from cognitive science, we'll explore how we can improve how we learn and store information about our systems in order to respond better to incidents and anomalies. Infused with practical examples of how to improve our memory and learning, this talk moves from advice for individuals to how we can form and develop learning teams. It's a talk broken into four parts: preparing to learn, gaining knowledge, building mental models, and enabling a team to learn well together.