Organised Disruption




Organised Disruption

23 May 2019


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We are delighted to get the Agile perspectives of of organisations such as Vodafone and Indigo Blue at our latest Agile Valley event entitled 'Organised Disruption'.

This event is designed to help you build and scale your Agile initiatives providing you with best practices alongside common pitfalls to avoid. We all know that the move to Agile development can lead to shipping products that accelerate disruption in the market. But how do we ensure that Agile doesn't have a disruptive and detrimental impact internally within your organisation? Over the course of the evening we will explore how to shape and control your Agile initiatives for positive business outcomes culminating in a case study around the value that has been realised through Vodafone's award winning programme.

At the event we'll delve into the following topics and more:

- How to learn from failure in Agile
- The use of aggressive roadmaps
- Tips to cut through bureaucracy in your organisation
- Understanding what uncertainty is in Agile projects
- How to effectively manage uncertainty
- How to put customers at the centre of Agile projects

The Agenda:

18:00 - 18:20

18:20 - 18:25
Welcome & Introductions
(Shane Sale, Co-Founder, Agile Valley)

18:25 - 18:55
Can we put humans on Mars using Agile values?
(Steve Feeney, Agile Coach & Delivery Lead)

18:55 - 19:25
Managing uncertainty in Agile projects
(Stan Wade, Head of Agile Innovation, Indigo Blue)

19:25 - 19:55
Putting customers at the heart of Agile development
(Paul Whyte, Head of Systems Engineering, Vodafone)

19:55 - 20:25
Panel Session

20:25 - 20:30
Wrap Up & Close
(Shane Sale, Co-Founder, Agile Valley)