Overly Sensitive: The Journey Towards Quantum Sensors




Overly sensitive: the journey towards quantum sensors

18 April 2019


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Quantum technology is apparently the next big thing, with the UK spending £270 million for the National Quantum Technology Programme, the EU committing €1 billion to its Quantum Flagship initiative & the recent signing of the $1.2 billion National Quantum Initiative Act by President Trump. But which quantum devices can we expect to see in our future daily lives? How sensitive is too sensitive? And what new measurements could be achieved? In this talk, Lia will describe how to create the largest quantum object in the universe and how it can be used for quantum sensing. She’ll explain the impracticalities of quantum sensors for consumers and describe the benefits of hybrid systems which can operate in both classical and quantum regimes. One example is her optical motion detector which is sensitive to movements smaller than the size of a single atom and can be used to monitor acceleration of blood through the heart.