Parallelism In Julia




Parallelism in Julia

8 July 2018


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We have seen in the past months how fast Julia can be when running on one CPU. However, sometimes you need to escape the confines of a single core. The next session of the Julia London User Group meetup will show you how to use parallelism in Julia in various forms.

The evening will begin with Avik Sengupta discussing the methods for multi-process distributed computing in Julia. Topics will include:
* Staring a Cluster
* Types of cluster managers
* Distributed primitives - Channel, remotecall
* Distributed programming - pmap, @parallel
* Distributed Data - DistributedArrays, JuliaDB

For the latter half of the evening, we will be joined via video call by Jeff Bezanson, one of the creators of the Julia language. Jeff will talk about threading (ie, shared memory parallelism) in Julia - its past, present and future.


18:15 - Registration, Pizza & Networking
18:45 - Distributed Computing in Julia
17:45 - Break
20:00 - Multithreading in Julia