Pen Testing WordPress & Discussion On WP Security




Pen testing WordPress & discussion on WP security

8 October 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

In October we'll be focussing on security and WordPress. We'll have a talk on pen testing your site from Tim Nash of and then an open discussion about security issues.

🎤 Tim Nash: Testing the fortifications – Hack Yourself

In this talk, Tim will go through how to run a basic penetration test of a WordPress website. From start to finish, looking at scope, research, execution, and remediation. He will be demonstrating tools to use and processes to follow, so you can see how secure your site is or isn’t.

After the talk, we'll open the floor to the group to discuss security issues we've had to deal with, the most common attacks we've seen attempted on our sites and what's out there at the moment.