People, Product & Process EXchange 2018




People, Product & Process eXchange 2018

8 - 9 November 2018


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Bridge the gap between business and technical teams with better collaboration

As Agile and BDD have evolved, so has the conversation we have about them.

P3X builds on the success of our longest running conference, Agile and BDD eXchange, broadening the conversation with three core themes: People, Product & Process. The flexibility of these three tracks allows you to cherry-pick the talks most relevant to you, or try something completely new.


Maximise human potential

A look at how collaboration between business and technical teams maximises our potential: from diversity and collective intelligence to factors that help us collaborate more effectively.


Explore products and align vision

What are the ways in which we frame, slice, understand and explore the intent of product evolution?


Deliver globally-relevant outcomes

A look at the practices, tools, models and techniques that help us deliver outcomes that change the world.

Over two days, a mixture of stimulating talks and practical workshops will equip you with the knowledge to apply effective collaboration to an aligned vision, resulting in real-world outcomes.

Enjoy engaging keynotes by Antony Marcano (co-founder of River Glide), Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg (co-founder and Director of Cucumber Ltd.), Paul Rayner (of Vertical Genius LLC), Janet Gregory (Dragonfire Inc.), agility coach Gitte Klitgaard, and originator of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD), Dan North. Over the two days, meet passionate people who work in the same areas that you do and take away new ideas from our large panel of speakers who will dive into a range of topics, from establishing modern QA practices in lean startups to migrating to microservices.