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PHP East Midlands User Group (PHPem)

3 March 2018


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What if you could design a database on paper, and translate that design directly into your application without having to make any changes? What if you could sit down and design that database with a product owner or business analyst, and they could understand that design without any training? That's the future that graph databases has to offer.

In this talk, Stuart will walk you through a real-life graph database that powers one of his client's sites. He'll show you how he built it in Neo4J, how to query it using CYPHER - Neo4J's query language and secret weapon - and how to hook it all up to a PHP web-app.


Stuart Herbert is an industry and open-source veteran, and one of the most experienced enterprise PHP developers in the UK, with nearly 25 years of commercial experience on projects for companies including Vodafone, Hewlett Packard, Orange (now EE), DataSift, Her Majesty's Government and many more. He is a co-author of the official Zend Certification Study Guide for PHP 4, and a regular tech speaker at user groups and conferences. He specialises in designing and delivering software that works, as founder and Chief Software Archaeologist of Ganbaro Digital Ltd.