PHP London November Meetup




PHP London November Meetup

1 November 2018


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Venue: busuu, 50 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1HD

Note: There will be members of busuu staff who will be able to help you to the correct room.


7:00-7:30 - Informal drinks, snacks and chat
7:30-7:35 - Welcome & group announcements
7:40-8:30 - Talk:

Talk: Scraping with PHP

This talk will be a short introduction to scraping, and how to do it successfully in PHP, when and why scraping could be useful to you.

It will cover in-built PHP functions, as well as various packages, tools and techniques and how to scrape even the most stubborn websites.

Speaker: Adam Cable

Adam has been a developer for the past 20 years, spending most of them trying to extract meaningful data from websites.

Having worked for large corporations for nearly 15 years he has run his own IT company, Adsar, for the past 5.

He specialises in price comparison sites (hence the fascination with scraping) helping people to find the best deals for various products.

At home he conducts a Brass Band and spends as much time as possible playing with Brio with his 3 year old son.