PHP London October 2018




PHP London October 2018

3 October 2018


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Venue: Sainsburys, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT

Note: There will be members of Sainsbury's staff who will be able to help you to the correct room.


7:00-7:30 - Informal drinks, snacks and chat
7:30-7:35 - Welcome & group announcements
7:40-8:30 - Talk:

Talk: Move your apps into containers

This talk will be a short introduction to docker, containers and other buzzwords.

The talk will show you how to put even most stubborn applications into
containers, to move them around between developer environment,
staging/testing all the way to production.

It will also cover how to pass data between containers, how to customize them (not only for PHP but also other common ones), viewing logs and diagnosing issues

Speaker: Gregorz Drozd

Grzegorz (you can call him Greg) – Is a developer with many years of

He has worked for many companies ranging from big
international mega corporations and small startups. Starting out as a
developer and then progressing myself into a technical leader, he is currently a software architect.

He specialises in high performance, secure web applications and is currently experimenting with DevOps and IoT hardware design.

Cloudflare ( - Cloudflare is the leading performance and security company helping to build a better Internet. Today the company runs one of the world’s largest networks that powers more than 6 million Internet properties. More than 10 trillion Internet requests flow through Cloudflare’s network each month, accounting for nearly 10% of all Internet requests for more than 2.5 billion people globally.

LendInvest ( - LendInvest provide finance to property professionals, and provide a platform for individuals and institutions to invest in property backed loans.

Explore Group ( - The Explore Group has been helping companies recruit top talent in the ever-evolving world of technology since 2005. We've adapted alongside the changing IT market to become increasingly specialist enabling us to support our customers on their journey through the new digital economy.

Paddle ( - Our mission is to help software companies succeed — enabling them to focus on creating products the world loves. Hundreds of companies rely on our e-commerce platform to sell their software products globally, as well as our powerful analytics and marketing tools to understand and grow their businesses.

We'll also have 2 licences from JetBrains ( for any of their products to raffle.

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