PHP Sussex | September




PHP Sussex | September

4 September 2019


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Celebrate / commiserate the end of summer with the September edition of PHP Sussex!

We've got a special event planned for this one. Two of the co-organisers of PHP Dorset, Dave and Chris, will be making the journey along the coast to meet us and deliver talks. We're looking forward to hosting them!

Dave Hulbert, Engineering Director at We Are Base and Passenger, will be discussing 'Debugging our biases and intuition in software development'.

Brains attempt to take shortcuts, using intuition and biases to figure things out with less thinking or knowledge. We can evaluate best and worst cases for code, but how do we do the same with our own decision making process?

In this talk, Dave will go through the ups and downs of heuristics and biases that exist in a developer's world. We'll look at ways to reduce any resulting fallacies, whilst still taking advantage of the performance improvement.

Dave leads a team of developers, working on apps, APIs and everything in-between. Coming from a software development background, he has had ample opportunity to learn from his mistakes and now focuses on helping others avoid them.

Chris Sherry, Senior Developer at Createful, will also be presenting his talk, 'Pets and Pandas'.

This talk covers his experiences as a 24/7 support developer for a variety of systems, some of which had over a million active users. He'll introduce some short term fixes to get you out of sticky situations with servers, websites and APIs at 2am on a Saturday evening.

Chris is a senior full stack developer and speaker. An advocate of developer communities, he has spoken at user group conferences including PHP South Coast, PHPUK, PHPSW and WordPress London.