Power BI Deployment Strategy




Power BI Deployment Strategy

20 November 2018


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The SQL Bristol meetup is informal and friendly, usually around 40 people. It's a great opportunity to network with folk either interested in, or who work with SQL, and learn something new from our great speakers. We also have free pizza and drinks from our kind sponsors Just Eat. Afterwards some of us head to a local pub for a bit more relaxing and chatting. Feel free to come along.

We have Martin Bell presenting "Something about Graph Databases". More details to follow.

Also, Prathy K MVP is presenting "Power BI deployment strategy for publishing and maintenance":

Power BI: Minutes to create and seconds to impress.

Yes, it takes minutes to create and share Power BI reports. Which means every user who has relevant Power BI access can create work spaces, apps, reports, dashboards and schedules. With no deployment strategy, maintaining Power BI service could become a terrible job.
In this session, I will cover how having a having deployment strategy can make a terrible maintenance job seamless.

This session will include:
• What happens when a user creates a Power BI app workspace
• How to control user access
• Working with different environments
• Creating and sharing reports using Power BI Apps
• How to monitor dataset schedules and failure notifications
• How to use Power BI API to document your organisation Power BI Service

Look out for organisers with an orange lanyard if you need any info (or just for a chat!).

If you're a twitterer you can find us at https://twitter.com/SQLBristol and please do message us or comment below if you have any questions in advance.