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ProductTank Sheffield

21 November 2019


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Following the successful return of ProductTank Sheffield in September, we wanted to keep up the momentum and hold another meetup before the Christmas period.

We're pleased to confirm that our next edition will be hosted at the home of Twinkl, who look forward to welcoming everyone to their Ecclesall Road event space on Thursday 21st November.

As part of this, we’re equally fortunate to have Twinkl’s Chief Product Officer, Helen Fulson, presenting on the night. Helen oversees the production of Twinkl’s huge range of high-quality, trusted learning materials; from planning and assessments, to activity ideas and resources, interactive games, augmented reality apps, and much more.

As CPO, Helen supports all stages of product development at Twinkl, from initial idea and innovation through to creation, all whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of education and global curricula. Before joining Twinkl in 2013, Helen spent 14 years teaching in primary schools across England.

Joining Helen on stage will be Faye Goodworth from Sheffield-based design and research company Paper. In her talk, “From picture books to banking apps – how the Spanish tooth fairy helped me be a product owner’, Faye will be joining up some of the dots between working with languages and delivering user-centred digital products, sharing the unique experience she’s gained from her unusual path into (and around) product.

And finally, we’re also delighted to welcome Dr Phil Harper, who is Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tribosonics Ltd. In keeping with our goal of diversifying our event, Phil will be able to provide a different kind of insight, linked to physical products for real-world sensing, including the challenges associated with sensors that work at 450 deg C and those that had to undergo explosion testing during certification. A Chartered Engineer, his background is in Mechanical Engineering with a PhD in Tribology and Ultrasonics.

During the intro, we’ll also give a quick overview of the feedback from our first event, and how we’ve used it to iterate where possible.

We’re looking forward to another great evening of talks, networking and general product-related engagement… we hope you are too.