Project:Hack February 2019




Project:Hack February 2019

23 February 2019


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Would you like to help to shape how projects are delivered in the future? You'll have an opportunity to work with others who share this vision and passion. You'll also get the opportunity to influence some major players such as Highways England, Sir Robert McAlpine and the team from the UK's largest road construction project. We are working on other datasets too and hope to annouce more details in the coming weeks.

Data science will transform how projects are delivered, saving billions for society, improving certainty in outcomes and changing the face of the project management profession forever. Project:Hack aims to:

  • Explore methods and tools to transform how insights and value can be extracted from project data. Ranging from risk and schedule data through to on site presence of personnel.

  • Enable delivery professionals to understand the predisposition of projects to specific challenges, to predict them arising and take action to avoid the avoidable.

  • Ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery.