Prometheus London - June




Prometheus London - June

5 June 2019


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Summertime is near, but just before, one more Prometheus evening in London! As always, a great, fresh lineup with speakers from the UK and beyond.

▶︎ Adrien Fillon (@adrienf_) - Not everyone wants observability

Adrien is SRE at ManoMano, working in France, Bordeaux. He will talk about some of the pains and challenges of deploying a culture of observability and its tools in complex/siloed organisations and what we can do about them. We will talk about that famous wall between operations and devs, where to spent efforts and find sponsors.

▶︎ ⚡ Toby Lorne (@tlornewr) - Observing your bank account using Prometheus and Grafana ⚡

Prometheus can be used to monitor more than just infrastructure and applications. Toby Lorne, an engineer from the UK Government Digital Service demos a Prometheus exporter for Monzo bank accounts.

▶︎ Łukasz Mierzwa ( - Single Dashboard for Alerts: History of Unseen & Karma projects.

Łukasz is Cloudflare engineer and the core author of Unseen and Karma open source projects which allows to manage all your Alertmanager alerts from powerful UI in your browser. During the talk Łukasz will go through the story on how Prometheus and Alertmanager helped Cloudflare get faster insight into what's wrong, explain how Unseen & Karma helped to enhance the workflow even more and how you can you use those as well!