Prometheus London - November




Prometheus London - November

14 November 2018


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Hello London!!!!

Prometheus London is back ... we are going to be organising meetups on an increased cadance and making sure that we get lots of new speakers in to talk about all things Prometheus.

In our first meetup back after a break (we last met in January :o ) we have a great lineup:

▶︎ Bartłomiej Płotka (@bwplotka) - Brief Intro to Prometheus

The CNCF's Prometheus monitoring provides a powerful data model, operational simplicity and reliability which have been a key factor in its success. However, the learning curve for Prometheus can be sometimes steep. Bartek will talk through basic functionalities that modern Prometheus enables.

▶︎ ⚡ Abida Ali (@abida_aal) - Using Prometheus for User Research ⚡

Find out why GDS built an internal monitoring and alerting service and how we’re improving our documentation with user research.

▶︎ Chris Evans (@evnsio) - Monitoring at Monzo

If you'd like to give a talk at the future Prometheus meetups, we are always looking for speakers and speaker mentors that want to share their experience while using Prometheus. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

P.S. We are always looking for sponsors - and venues! - as well. So if you know someone that can help us with the food / beverage budget, we'll be happy to add the name to our sponsors list. Thank You!

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