Prometheus London




Prometheus London

7 March 2019


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▶︎ Matthias Loibl (@MetalMatze) - Prometheus Operator on Steriods

We have a guest straight from Berlin! Matthias is a Software Engineer who works at RedHat and maintains a Prometheus Operator. He will talk about Prometheus Operator and subproject Kube-Prometheus, explain the differences, use cases and recent features like integrating Thanos project into Prometheus Operator.

▶︎ ⚡ Aleksei Semiglazov (@xjewer) - Prometheus HA at Cloudflare ⚡

▶︎ Emily Labram (@emilylabram) - User-centred monitoring.

At GDS we've been working with Product Managers to monitor what matters. Cracking down on alerting noise, alert blindness and sprawling dashboards. And monitoring the success of user journeys instead.

We'll talk about how we're using "Service Level Indicators" to make our monitoring actionable, our developers more productive, and become increasingly proactive about reliability as an organisation.