Prototype Your App MVP




Prototype your app MVP

1 November 2018


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Invest in Yourself and Learn how to code an iOS app!!!
This hands-on workshop from Codica coding bootcamp , and is set up as follows:
- Bring your Mac and your app idea
- 1 minutes idea pitch
- Form a team or work on your own app idea 
- 30 min finalizing each MVP idea
- Work on your wireframes and prototype app for 1 hour without coding
- First hand on introduction to Sketch and Apple's Xcode compiler.

Who is it for
If you are an entrepreneur who wants to gain technical understanding of building an iOS app.
If you are tired of spending months looking for a tech co-founder.
If you want to build an MVP and present it at Demo day to investors.
If you are switching careers and want to know what it takes to become a software developer.
If you want to start an app business in Apple app store