PyData Bristol - 8th Meetup




PyData Bristol - 8th Meetup

15 May 2019


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We'd like to thank our generous hosts OVO Energy for providing the venue and also IBM for continued sponsorship of the pizza and refreshments.

Expect two 30-minute talks, two 5-minute lightning talks plus community announcements and then the all-important networking over beers.

1. Alistair Rogers on "Supervised Link Prediction in Networks'"

Predicting whether edges between nodes will be present or absent at a certain point in time, based on the history of edge connections.

Alistair is a Data Scientist with experience working with clients in Government, Healthcare and Banking. Working on model deployment and portable environments with Docker Experienced in R, Python and SQL. Specialisms: Graph/Network Analytics, Optimisation, Machine Learning.

2. Steph Locke on "Rmarkdown: Why it's great for Python folks"

Eep, what's R got to do with Python? Well, the rmarkdown package allows us to do literate programming like Jupyter notebooks but with a lot more flexibility around outputs. Interleave Python, SQL, and R in this easy to use environment, develop parameterised reports and ship outputs to PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Hugo, HTML dashboards and more with ease.

Steph is the founder of a consultancy in the UK. Her talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science. Steph holds the Microsoft MVP award for her community contributions. In her spare time, Steph plays board games with her husband and takes copious pictures of her doggos.