PyData London - 50th Meetup




PyData London - 50th Meetup

6 November 2018


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Gabriel Straub and Douglas Penna on “It’s bigger on the inside” - A BBC powered by Connected Data

Abstract: We will be talking about how to use a machine learning based focus product to lead a wider organisational transformation towards more personalised user experiences. The talk will be in two parts: initially Gabriel will introduce the business challenge and our approach and then Douglas will talk a bit more about the technology and algorithms used.

Dean Allsopp on Hermeneutic Investigations: What Can Interpretable Machine Learning Do Today?

What can Interpretable ML tools tell us about models and predictions? There has been plenty of discussion over the last few years about the need to not just make predictions, but provide ways to communicate how models and predictions work. What tools are available now and how can they help