QuantiQ Cloud Professional Services Workshop




QuantiQ Cloud Professional Services Workshop

9 May 2018


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Our Professional Services Cloud Workshop is an educational, thought-provoking and practical workshop designed to help leading organisations in the professional services space create a ‘go-to-the-Cloud’ plan. We'll explore how technology is altering the competitive professional services landscape and demonstrate how you can adopt leading technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Bots and Big Data and Analytics to reach new targets and create new products.

Our experience at improving customer experience for organisations that deliver customer-facing, revenue-focused, project-based services including planning, estimating and pricing multi-day projects, optimising resource utilisation, tracking and approving project tasks and finances, and monitoring performance metrics to enable on-time and on-budget project delivery, combined with our grasp of standard Dynamics 365 functionality puts us in prime position to consult to this marketplace and advise how best to deploy cloud-based business solutions.