Quantum Computing Meetup




Quantum Computing Meetup

12 December 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Our next meetup will be from 6-8pm on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at JPMorgan Chase at 270 Madison Ave. As always, you'll need a government issued ID to get it.

Pouya Dianat from Drexel will talk about Photonic Quantum Simulators.


An intriguing alternative to superconducting quantum computing is Photonic Quantum Simulators (PQS), in which interacting photons are utilized to realize quantum operations. Such systems benefit from well-developed photon sources and detectors, room temperature operations, and a mature field of Photonic Integrated Circuits, which facilitates scalability of quantum computers. Furthermore, the existence of quantum communication links that rely on entangled photons obviates technical challenges for a unified communication-computation interface for PQS. In this talk, the current states of Photonic Quantum Computing and Communication are discussed. Specifically, quantum computers based on Photonic Integrated Circuits and trapped ions are explained, and a typical scheme of secure quantum communication is described.

As always, to attend, be prepared to present a government issued ID that matches your meetup name to attend.