R Data Visualisation Challenge




R Data Visualisation Challenge

13 March 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

We are kicking off our first Warwick R User Group meeting of 2019 by using R to tackle a data visualisation challenge.

Taking inspiration from the Reddit DataViz Battle, several Warwick PhD students have volunteered to present visualisations of a single data set, explaining their motivations for each approach and the tools you can use to recreate the look, with R tips and tricks included along the way. We will also demonstrate how to use R to recreate interesting graphs that you might have seen produced by others.

This session is a good opportunity to learn about the power of the R package ggplot2 and other useful tools for wrangling and presenting data.

Anybody keen to give the challenge a go themselves can find the data in the link below. Feel free to share your own work and any problems encountered or things you might have learned over the course of the challenge.