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React Everywhere: App & Web App

13 March 2019


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Get together the London React community, exchange ideas and challenges.

Audience: Tech founders, CTO, Software engineers, Front-end Engineers, or anybody who is curious about front-end or React.

We have used React to solve logistics problem. The good and bad about React

6.00pm - Networking, FREE DRINKS and PIZZAS

7.00pm - Speaker: Hugo - Front-End Software Engineer @ Kiffgo

3 tools to help write maintainable client code for React projects.

In startups, new insights can lead to changes and new features that need building on a weekly basis. You don’t want to come back to something that you wrote months ago and waste any time figuring out how it’s supposed to work. These tools have helped me write code that’s more readable and also fun to work on, so I’d like to share them.

7.15pm - Networking

7.30pm - Speaker - Surprise Guest

7.45pm - Networking

8.00pm - Simon - CTO @ Kiffgo

The pros and cons of using React Native to build a logistics app.

Simon was tasked with implementing the Kiffgo experience and he chose React Native. Did React Native offer the solutions he was looking for, what were the advantages of choosing React Native, and what holes did he blindly walk into.

8.15pm - Networking

8.30pm - Pub