React Javascript 101




React Javascript 101

5 August 2018

New York

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React has become the most popular framework of the web due to its ways of optimizing page speeds, calling API's and overall functionality. Originally developed by engineers at Facebook, React now stands as the benchmark technology to building both mobile and Desktop apps/sites.

Companies like Uber and Walmart use React and React-Native to create their apps user experience. And now more than ever, companies all over the world are catching on to the React movement and seeing the need for this state of the art technology. Take our React for beginners course to see if becoming a React developer is for you. You will experience the future movement of web development and develop React skills along the way.

Who this program is for:
Students must have an understanding the nature of Javascript as well as web fundamentals. Understanding the concept of Node is a bonus. Please bring your own laptop.

You will learn:
React component based architecture
Webpack configuration
The difference and application to state V props
Declarative nature of React
A project built with React
A beginning skillset that is marketable to the React world

Prerequisites & Preparation:
Understanding the nature of Javascript