React London - Bring Your Own Project




React London - Bring Your Own Project

13 June 2019


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Come along and learn more about the changing face of ReactJS and JavaScript in the Retail Banking and FinTech industries.

The talks at the event are from members of the BYOP community and guests representing different engineering initiatives and points of view.

We're a very inclusive meetup representing a diverse community of awesome engineers! >:D

Please Note: Guests of attendees need to register in advance due to Lloyds Banking Group requiring names and contact upfront of the event.

- FinOS will join the BYOP to represent Financial Services Open Source and the great work happening in the foundation to join Banking and FinTech together through code 

- James McLeod, Software Engineering Lead, Lloyds Banking Group - From Zero to Everything in 15 Minutes - Using LBG's InnerSource Constellation library, James will "attempt" to create a Lloyds React application in 15 minutes or less! :D

- Alexander Cannon, CEO Farpoint Labs - Managing Risk in Financial ReactJS Applications: Automating the management of Risk & Compliance with and a little history lesson about why financial organisations perceive risk the way they do!

- Sophie Koonin, Web Engineer, Monzo Bank - React + GraphQL at Monzo - At Monzo, we’ve been migrating our React-based internal products to GraphQL using Apollo’s open source libraries, with automatically-generated Flow types for type safety. We’ll talk you through how we’ve been doing it and share some of the challenges along the way.

- Jonny Wolfson - CTO, Adaptable Tools - Reacting to Finance’s Data Challenge with Adaptable Blotter - Advanced financial users manage multiple, large, data sets in a flexible manner that should be optimised accordingly. Built with React and Redux, Adaptable Blotter, creates re-usable, saveable, functional components which help banks move their critical applications from the traditional desktop to the browser.

- Neil Slinger, Exec Director at JP Morgan and Colin Eberhardt, Tech Director at Scott Logic - Perspective and D3FC, A Collaboration Success Story - Perspective is a streaming data visualization engine for JavaScript that makes it simple to build real-time & user configurable analytics entirely in the browser.