React London - Bring Your Own Project




React London - Bring Your Own Project

5 February 2019

New York

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Hello all, happy new year! ๐ŸŽ‰ Let's kick-start 2019 with some very interesting React talks on Tuesday 5th February 2019 at HomeAway (Expedia Group) London from 6:30pm onwards.

• Csaba Palfi, Software Engineer @ HomeAway (Expedia Group) - *Is your HTML bloated? A flamegraph can tell you why*
I built a HTML Flamegraph tool that help you visualise and diagnose where your HTML payload bytes come from. It can help you identify bloated critical CSS or preloaded state (e.g. Redux or Apollo) and even drill down to see which part of your state/store weighs the most.

• Balram Singh, Software Engineer @ Sapient - Gatsby with contentful - Do you want to build products using the latest features of the modern web? Do you want to liberate your sites from the legacy CMS and fly into the future? Gatsby helps you build blazing fast, secure, beautiful and future proof apps and websites.

• Jakub Dziwoki, Head of Engineering @ Powster - *Powster Tech: Behind the scenes*
How to deliver 150 creative React applications every month