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Reactivate X meetup

8 October 2019


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This time around we are all about lightning talks! We live in a fast-paced world and have been conditioned to absorb things in bite-sized quantities ( I see you Twitter, Vine and Tiny Letter ) so this night is for short attention spans and maximum amount of breaks but so much learning! We'll have a breadth of topics, roughly under the "web" umbrella as well as food and drinks, of course.

Here's the lineup (in no particular order):

>> Developing Delightful Dataviz for Diverse Devices with D3 (and React) <<
When you want to make a chart, you’re faced with an overwhelming number of different platforms, frameworks and technologies to use as your canvas (including not least, HTML5 Canvas). In this talk I’ll help you chart a course through the different options.

by Richard Westenra - Quantum Black/McKinsey

Richard is a creative front-end engineer at QuantumBlack / McKinsey, and codebar organiser. He once won a blind coding competition, but he also once took down a client's homepage overnight when he deployed to the wrong endpoint at 5pm, so overall he reckons he's roughly breaking even

>> Why You Should Code your Slides <<
You need to give a presentation so you turn to Powerpoint or, if you’re more techy, Google Slides. But you’re an engineer -- why not use all the tools you’re already familiar with to give an awesome presentation?
By Claire Mitchell - Deliveroo

Claire is a web engineer at Deliveroo and organiser of Node Girls, who is always up for getting bubble tea.

>> npm install disater-waiting-to-happen <<
How do you know that the open source package you just added to your project is not going to cause your customers data ending up for sale on the dark web?

by Liliana Kastilio - Snyk

>> Javascript in the State of Nature: On Readability <<
An examination of the way social contracts affect our programming.

by Zooey MIller - YLD

Zooey is a Software Engineer at YLD who enjoys functional programming, climbing and the philosophy of programming.

>> Build Your Own IDE <<
How To Become A 10x Programmer With This One Simple Trick

by Jani Eväkallio - Formidable Labs

Jani is a 0.75x programmer (on a good day)

>> WOAH! Is that OffscreenCanvas? <<
Explanation and demo of the NEW AND IMPROVED* Canvas: OffscreenCanvas.
(*limitations included)

by Sam Wray - Creative Technologist

Sam is a musician and creative coder, he uses JavaScript to create live performances