ReactJs Hackathon Coding Challenge




ReactJs Hackathon Coding Challenge

9 April 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

In March we've been quite busy working on the Kodiri Platform. On top of the well-known JavaScript Training and Challenges, we're introducing a new and sexy technology to the stack: ReactJs!

Still in beta stage -official launch is expected shortly- we'd like to invite you, as an early adopter, to participate on our very first & experimental public ReactJs Challenge ever.

We'll be playing, as usual, the three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Regardless of your experience with the library, this event is made for you!

Doesn't matter if you want to break into the tech market or just want to code for fun; don't be shy and come over to enjoy the pleasure of modern programming with the most popular programming library in the world!