ReactNYC S3:E1




ReactNYC S3:E1

18 April 2019

New York

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Off-Balance — Interactive Storytelling with React
🎤Mihai Cernusca

In this talk, we’ll hold a technical retrospective of an animation heavy interactive experience built with React. Through this lense, we’ll discuss shape generation, orchestration and dynamic interpolation strategies to bring a design to life. Along the way, we’ll cover performance considerations and lessons learned. Hope to see you there.

Styled-components in React Native
🎤Said Hayani

Styled-components now supports React native the things that give us more freedom for defining the styling rules of our components in React Native away from the default method, it gives us the option of writing our style code using CSS syntax in addition to the great features of styled-component such as theming and passing props to set styles based on the state.

React Create App + WordPress Plugin
🎤Ben Broide

Using react create app inside WordPress is a great way to add a react widget to a WordPress site.
We'll walk through a concept of adding a React Create App to a WordPress and demonstrate how to perform GET/POST requests to WordPress Rest API.