ReactNYC S3:E4




ReactNYC S3:E4

6 June 2019

New York

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Hooking Into the Cloud
Michael Checo

In this talk, I will go over some of the basics of Firebase and show how we can use custom hooks to reuse common logic in our applications as well as a way to provide useful abstractions that simplify components and make building applications easier!

The Revolution Will Not Be Transpiled
Plum Ertz

You want to overthrow your current stack and use React across all of your team's apps. Are you making the right choice? Can you get the rest of your team on board? In this talk, we'll walk through a step-by-step guide to staging a JavaScript coup without inciting chaos.

Accessibility and Hooks
Donovan Taitt

Accessibility is a key concept that many developers don’t focus on. Not only does it make the web more enjoyable for those with disabilities but it also improves the web for those without. In this talk, we’ll discuss some simple ways to implement accessibility in your React web apps using the new React Hooks!

Nicholas Gentile

An illustration of how to replace d3's Enter, Update, Exit, pattern with React's reconciliation via Typescript.