ReactNYC S3:E6




ReactNYC S3:E6

28 August 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

ReactNYC Summer camp
🎤Sergent JSX

The Sergent will inform you about his plans for ReactNYC summer events and will make some important announcements. If you care about your future, don't miss it.

Global Scaling with React Native
🎤James O'Reilly & Jose Rodriguez

In this talk, we’ll share how to develop and maintain a universal component library to support multiple applications/designs/UX,
handle custom product features not shared by other applications,
create screen layouts and customer experiences using composable atomic elements, handle theming and styling of components to be product or even device-specific, update CX without app store releases

Shared Component Behavior in React
🎤Kyle Holzinger

This talk explores the history of sharing behavior in components in React, as well as where we are now and emerging patterns

From Lambda Calculus to React and Back
🎤Vincent Abruzzo

We often hear that React embraces the functional programming paradigm. What does that really mean? This talk will take us on a historical tour of some foundational ideas in the history of programming including the lambda calculus, Lisp and S-expressions, hash array mapped tries and immutability, algebraic effects, and more, and how these ideas connect to modern software development.