ReactNYC: Tribute To Angular




ReactNYC: Tribute to Angular

8 November 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Join us for a special meetup dedicated to Angular. Get familiar with the framework, ask questions, and open your mind to other solutions out there.

Angular Libraries: from zero to Open Source
🎤 William Grasel

Have you ever had an interest in publishing an Angular library to NPM? But then you were in doubt on how to manage the versions, how the software licenses work, what kind of files needs to be published, how to generate the build correctly? Let's learn with the experience of big open source cases out there and automatize everything as possible! So you can publish your next projects quickly and without worries!

React vs Angular - All about components
🎤 Nir Kaufman

The majority of front-end development is, well, building user interfaces. On this talk, we going to learn two approaches to UI component crafting, feature by feature, with both Angular and React.