RHEL Performance Features & Tuning




RHEL Performance Features & Tuning

10 April 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Join us for our Quarterly Meeting!

Quarterly meetings feature a longer program in the afternoon at an offsite location. We'll start with networking time with drinks and appetizers before our main program on RHEL performance.

Doug Shakshober, Larry Woodman, and Andrea Arcangeli, and Joe Mario will present a variety of RHEL performance features, tuning techniques, and performance characterizations, including:

* Kernel performance tuning
* Architectural changes
* NvDIMMs, Memory Mode
* TCP/UDP improvements
* Multi-Q improvements
* XFS (journals) w/ Database
* cgroup-v2
* perf tool new features
* Cockpit
* Network, I/O
* Security CVE update