R-Ladies Making A Difference In R




R-Ladies Making a difference in R

27 November 2018


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R-Ladies London have a great pleasure to have four wonderful presenters lined up to show how they are making a difference to the R and open source community.

Tsatska Enkhbayar is a Senior Insight Analyst at Hotels.com. She and a colleague will tell us about how they develop and deploy their own internal packages at Hotels.com.

Nic Crane is a Data Scientist at Elucidata, a Shiny guru and a tidy verse contributor. She will tell us about how she was inspired to contribute to open source and then what steps she took to put it into action.

Jasmine Pengelly is a Data Analyst who has previously worked at Stack Overflow and DAZN. She currently works at General Assembly teaching Data Analytics and Data Science. She loves working in both Python and R and is going to demonstrate some of her personal analysis.