Savant ECommerce London




Savant eCommerce London

6 - 7 November 2018


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A storm is brewing in omnichannel and pure-play retail in the UK. Declining consumer confidence, the continued shift from offline to online spending, heightened uncertainty created by macroeconomic and political factors; rising overhead expenses and growing customer demands are collectively putting downward pressure on profit margins – both online and offline. Retailers are grappling with questions around what the role of the physical space is and how omnichannel and pure play retail can be economically sustainable in the future.

Retailers need to not only look at what needs to be done to stay relevant today, but also need to look ahead and explore how to continue to thrive tomorrow. Many are looking to innovation in customer experience as the path to follow, to win over the attention, loyalty and hearts of customers.

Over two days Savant eCommerce London we will be bringing market-leading omnichannel retailers and pure players together to discuss common challenges, possibilities and opportunities around how you can maintain a sense of future direction through exploring innovation in customer experience, and how you can survive ‘the perfect storm’ that UK retailers are facing.

Join us in London for Savant eCommerce to share in the experience and gain insights from other leading retailers into how to position yourself to survive and thrive in UK retail… both today and tomorrow!