Saving The World With IoT And Azure Security




Saving the world with IoT and Azure Security

21 October 2019


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You don't have to be a super hero, to make a difference to our planet. Just a bit of programming skills will suffice.

We can't imagine our lives without electricity. Unfortunately it is generated mostly with fossil fuels and it's not good for our planet. That's why we build wind farms, solar panels, hydro power plants, but we can't force them to generate electricity when we want. We have to either use green electricity when it's available or store it. Both tasks are not easy, but with help from technology it's possible.

We can use IoT devices to change the power usage patterns, create virtual power plant, which can be used when the demand exceeds supply. This is exactly what we created over last couple years, controlling heat and car chargers using IoT. We integrated with a hydropower plant on Mull and a wind turbine on Orkney.

I will show you how we use Azure IoT Hub to do that. With simple demos and easy to follow examples you will hopefully leave the presentation inspired to try it at home.